Tackling university demands with Tork

This Content Marketing article was produced for Tork Professional Hygiene and first appeared in Campus Review magazine.

Trying to get a coffee, an elevator or a toilet at twenty past the hour at any university is quite a challenge as lectures and tutorials change over and thousands of students place sudden demands on services, particularly bathrooms. For many years, Deakin University have been using high capacity, reliable Tork® products to make sure their bathrooms are ready for the onslaught.

B2B Content Marketing Article for Tork by Iezzi Creative
Credits: Michelle Iezzi, Art Director / Kristoffer Paulsen, Photographer

“All four of our campuses use Tork toilet paper and hand towel,” says Spiro Fatouros, Services Manager (Contracts and Grounds) at Deakin University. “There’s over 800 toilets so we need a product we can rely on,” Fatouros adds.

Deakin use Tork toilet paper dispensers in all bathrooms to provide a consistent experience for staff, students and most particularly, cleaners. “Cleaners like consistency and the same keys, locks and operation help them to changeover toilet paper quickly,” says Fatouros.

The high capacity of the Tork T1 Toilet Paper System with jumbo rolls also means cleaners don’t need to re-stock as often.

“Pilferage used to be high but since switching to Tork Jumbo Rolls, it’s not even on the radar,” Fatouros adds. The lockable system plus the use of jumbo size rolls which are harder to hide discourages would be thieves, which can result in huge savings.

B2B Content Marketing Article for Tork by Iezzi Creative

Deakin promotes their university as being global leaders in sustainability. So it’s no coincidence they choose Tork professional hygiene products with their strong focus on sustainability. The Tork refills Deakin have specified are all FSC® certified and locally produced in Australia or New Zealand. And those manufactured in New Zealand have been produced using natural geothermal steam in place of gas, further reducing their impact.

All these features make Tork professional hygiene products an attractive proposition for any business. Add to this, a simple and efficient ordering and delivery system that makes Fatouros’s job easier. “It’s easy to re-order, Tork delivers promptly, we have no complaints, so we’re happy,” he says. Which sounds like Tork has graduated with high distinctions all round.